Sucess Stories


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I was not able to accept my own body after my weight reached a massive 82 kilos. Nothing in my wardrobe fit me, going out of my house made me feel anxious. It took me a lot of courage when I decided to change my lifestyle. Slowly and steadily I began to change my thought process and began to appreciate myself after taking Diet and Lifestyle plan from Abhijit Mhatre. The decision to change my lifestyle was not easy, but with one step at a time, I did it. Battling PCOS made my journey even difficult. But I learned to look at obstacles as opportunities and lost a massive 12 kilos by the end of 3 months. When I began loving my own body more, I became more cautious about how I was treating myself – that’s when I began to see incredible changes. Thank you AM Fitness for giving me courage and make me believe in myself to overcome obstacles like PCOs and obesity.