Mr. Sachin Rane

Profession – Executive in a Corporate Firm

Lost 16Kgs of unwanted body weight in 4 months
I was slim enough and very active in my college days but after getting into Job, my life became very sedentary and unhealthy. I weighed nearly 83Kgs.I lost all my aesthetics. Although I was smiling on the outside, inside I was severely depressed. My health was a puzzle and my life was deteriorating. I needed to seek help immediately. Even after working out in gym regularly for more than 1 year, I didn’t find any significant changes in my body. After multiple attempts at trying to lose weight and only ending up frustrated, I met AM through my friend’s reference and I decided to consult him. Due to his optimal diet and training schedules, I got desire changes in my body within few months. My life would never be the same. Through healthy nutrition, exercise, and a strong spirit I lost 16Kgs of extra unwanted body weight in just 4 months. “Thank you AM for motivating me so much, I highly recommend you for fitness and weight management”.

Ganesh Iyer

Profession – Student and Theatre actor

I’m the one who use to be least bother about my appearance and personality. Though I was not having extreme fatty body but I was lacking crispy jawline, Muscular lean Physique and proper dressing sense. Being an actor, my profession forced me to look after my aesthetics.Also after getting rejected in some auditions, I started taking too much of stress in my life. At one point, that stress became very severe. So I consulted AM for Psychotherapeutic counselling, Fitness, Nutrition and overall personality grooming. He gave me desired results. “I really thank you AM for all your time, patience, listening and council that you gave me in these past 12 months. You have helped me start to battle something that I wasn’t able to deal with any longer on my own. Your impact on me was far more than simply improving my health. I’m so thankful to God that he showed me “you” as someone that guided me through these tough steps. I’ll keep walking the journey.

Mrs. Vaishali Darekar-Rane

Profession – Politician

My job as a Politician forced me to eat out often.My Weight and stress started to creep up immediately when I landed in to this profession. Due to absence of some routine and daily meetings at different new locations, I never exercised and I started ordering pizza or any junk food for lunch. I ate whatever was most convenient. I never thought about nutrition. But after consulting AM for Diet , I started losing weight. Even when I was not doing exercise for 6 months due to my fractured leg, I lost sufficient amount of weight through his scientific Diet Plan.Thank you AM, with your help, I took a look at myself and realized what I was doing to myself and my future. After seeing you, I regained my strength and I learned quite a bit about my body.

Mr. Bharat Kalthe

Profession – Scientific Officer

Being in medicine industry, my job is very hectic. Sometimes it’s very difficult to handle job stress for me. In addition to that, I had built up a habit of removing all my frustrations on my family members. This habit was becoming very severe day by day .This had lead to daily arguments and quarrels at office and home. I had nearly lost all my temper. My life had become very mismanaged and very unhealthy. So finally I had consulted AM. His counselling made me understand how to prioritize the things in job and personal life, the importance of stress management, Nutrition, optimism etc. Now my life is better and almost stress free. Later, I consulted him for diet too for getting me six-pack abs and finally I achieved it. I would like to truly thank AM for his help and support.

Mr. Amit Penkar

Profession – Chartered Accountant

I'm 30 years old, male, never really bothered to check my cholesterol. Some months ago, I had an annual physical check-up and did some blood tests and then I got diagnosed with very high cholesterol.
I was shocked, I am not a smoker, I don’t booze and I exercise religiously, and I am generally healthy, my blood pressure was perfect as was everything else. So I gone to AM for help and he literally changed all my Diet and my fitness regimen very scientifically and within 45 days, my blood report came normal. Just a month back I ran a marathon and I performed well in it. Thank You AM for modifying my lifestyle optimally.

Shubhada Jagtap Jadhav

Business Woman

I was facing a problem of overweight, which started post 1 year from my daughter's birth. my height is 5'3" and accordingly I was OK with maximum 60 Kg weight. I seldom could find time for myself as I was totally engaged in child care. but, since overweight started showing symptoms like laziness, frequent illness, tiredness in just a few distance walk, gradual loss of happiness, I decided to seriously work for weight loss. Mr. Abhijit Mhatre was consulted and he gave me a simple diet along with gym work-out for my problem. It was a good experience of dieting, which I enjoyed a lot. from 75 Kg weight, we could hit 66 Kg in 45 days time. I wanted gradual weight loss and accordingly Mr. AM designed my diet for 45 days. Weight loss has boosted up my self-confidence and workout has increased the stamina. I am sincerely thankful to Mr. Abhijit Mhatre for their guidance and for transformation of myself!!!

Mr. Abhijit Mhatre (AM)

Profession – Health & Fitness Consultant

For any fitness and health professional, it’s very embarrassing to put his own photograph in which he looks very unhealthy. In “Before” picture my cholesterol level was very high, my waist line was about 35 inches and body fat was above 30%. All this because of unhealthy nutrition and sedentary life style. Though part-time, but I always wanted to pursue career in modelling, so my career in fitness helped me a bit in modelling career too. I will thank my lovely parents who believed in me to do career in fitness and I will thank my academic education too. Now I’m fit, healthy and I bypassed fatty personality, high cholesterol and now my waist line is in the range of 29-30 inches. I'm struggling more and more everyday to get optimum fitness and aesthetics.