Are you a tea fanatic? Allow gentle flavours & health-boosting flavonoids to surround you. Then buy best Green tea loose leaf online by AM Fitness. We have unique varieties of exotic health teas. All our teas are 100% organic.

  • We deliver genuine organic foods tea & spices to our consumers.
  • We support natural, sustainable, organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.
  • We support the livelihood and well-being of farmers and tribal wildcrafters across rural India.

Check out our Rejuvenating tea varieties as follows.

Darjeeling Green Tea

Due to its special taste, Darjeeling tea is often referred to as the “champagne of teas”.  Rich in anti-oxidants this tea embodies health and wellbeing, and leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Kahwa is a traditional green tea preparation made with exotic spices. It contains green tea, which has been combined with rich ingredients, including cardamom, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. A truly celebratory tea, Kahwa is best served during brunch hours.

Rose Romance

Rose tea is fragrant, fruity and packed with antioxidants making it the ideal drink when your body needs a boost. It is great for the skin, can help you relax.

Lavender Dream

The scent & flavor is wonderful. This floral lavender tea is boon for nourishing Hair, Improve mood & promotes good sleep.

Tulsi Divine

Aromatic and flavorsome, nothing gets you refreshed like a cup of this tea. Heady perfume of mint enlivens your senses almost instantly. The taste has top notes of sweet holy basil along with mellow flavor of spearmint.


Chamomile, also known as ‘BabunekaPhal’ in Hindi, is renowned for its medicinal properties and beauty benefits.  It is helpful in health-related concerns like anxiety, insomnia etc. This tea benefits your body, mind and spirit.

Silver needle (WHITE TEA)

Silver Needle white tea is the most famous white tea in the world, composed of only whole buds. The least processed of all tea types, after picking the buds are simply withered and dried naturally over four days. As it is less “processed,” making the health benefits greater than those of other types of teas, even green tea.

Assam Tea (Black Tea)

Strong, tart and malty with a dark reddish brown color. Assam tea helps you stay awake even if you are experiencing an extended period without sleep. It is also called English breakfast tea which is simply black tea without added herbs or other ingredients. People who drink English breakfast tea each morning can enjoy a variety of health benefits from its flavonoid content and from other nutrients it contains.

Our rejuvenating tea is Fascinating

Every time tea is discovered by the people of a region, it quickly wins their hearts and captures their minds. Tea does not only become a beverage of choice (tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water) but it also becomes a way of life.

Happy Teaing !