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Pradeep N

By September 10, 2020 September 20th, 2020 No Comments

As a 55-year-old corporate person, my work lifestyle is very hectic. But still I am extremely active in the gym, working out 4-5 times weekly. Once in my annual medical check up, the report revealed that my triglyceride  level was 350 units which is on higher side and rise in my blood glucose. I was aware of AM transformation plan as I’m regular gym member at AM Fitness. According to AM the word transformation in fitness is often misleading. AM said Transformation is not just restricted to physical body or look, it includes transformation of  all the high parameters like cholesterol, Glucose or any in to normal range in just 2-3 months that too through natural diet and lifestyle modification only. I took his plan and approximately after 60 days I had my blood tested for an insurance policy and the results were astonishing, all my cholesterol parameters were in normal range including LDL and blood glucose came to be normal too. I thank AM for this and now apart from this, my physical and cardio strength is so well maintained in his gym studio. I wish him Best of Luck.