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Shubhada Jagtap Jadhav

By September 21, 2020 No Comments

Profession – Business Woman

I was facing a problem of overweight, which started post 1 year from my daughter’s birth. My height is 5’3″ and accordingly I was OK with maximum 60 Kg weight. I seldom could find time for myself as I was totally engaged in child care. But, since overweight started showing symptoms like laziness, frequent illness, tiredness in just a few distance walk, gradual loss of happiness, I decided to seriously work for weight loss. I consulted Dr. Abhijit Mhatre  and he gave me a simple diet along with gym work-out for my problem. It was a good experience of dieting, which I enjoyed a lot. from 75 Kg weight, we could hit 66 Kg in 45 days time. I wanted gradual weight loss and accordingly Mr. AM designed my diet for 45 days. Weight loss has boosted up my self-confidence and workout has increased the stamina. I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Abhijit Mhatre and his trainers for his guidance and for transformation of myself!!!