Lifestyle Designing

Are you living the way you’ve always wanted to live?

If you are, congratulations! I’d love to interview you about how you did it!

If you aren’t, it’s possible to become the creator of your own life.

What Is Lifestyle Design plan?

Lifestyle Design is about exploring and identifying what you want and, more importantly, what excites you. Once you have identified these things, you can then design your life to support your excitement and passion.  The next step is to create your action plan to attain the things you want to have, be, and do with your remaining days here on earth.

Lifestyle design is about living with intention and working in harmony with your purpose.

The greatest benefit of lifestyle design is liberating yourself from the traditional expectations of what it means to work.

Work Should Be Meaningful, Not Miserable. I believe most people believe work needs to be “miserable” to be defined as “work”.  I think that’s just plain crazy. I’m not saying work still isn’t going to be hard, but it can be much more satisfying and rewarding.

AM Lifestyle Design Program includes:

  1. 1-hour video calls to discuss intentions, practices, and experiences.
  2. Custom action steps each week based on your experience, goals, and resources.
  3. Personalized journaling and meditation practices.
  4. Access to The Realness guided meditation library.
  5. A NO BULLSHIT approach to taking ownership of your life experience.
  6. Clarity and accountability on the most impactful actions for you in your life.
  7. Communication and support between calls as needed.

All programs are highly personalized and designed to help improve your quality of life.