Image Consulting

Image Consulting is all about confidence which is achieved through personal style. When you look fabulous on the outside you feel amazing on the inside and exude confidence. You only have four seconds to make a great first impression and an image consultant can help you make this first impression great.

As an image consultant, people can get advice that will help them achieve what they want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves. To help people look better, you might choose to offer services such as:

  • Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting (giving someone feedback on the overall image they are projecting and helping them develop a new image)
  • Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting (reviewing someone’s current wardrobe to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating outfits, and closet organizing)
  • Makeup Analysis (you can also consult on other specific aspects of physical appearance such as: Colors, Skin Care, Hairstyle, etc.)

However, image is more than physical appearance. In addition to how someone looks, people also form impressions based on how that person talks and behaves. Therefore, an image consultant might counsel with clients about:

  • Vocal Communications (such as voice, grammar, and vocabulary)
  • Non-verbal communications (such as handshakes, posture, and eye contact)
  • Etiquette (business etiquette, social graces, dining)

People who may need image consulting services are as follows.

  • Women who want a new look
  • Job-seekers
  • Corporate executives
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Lawyers and their clients
  • Cancer survivors
  • Television personalities
  • Spouses of recently promoted executives
  • Transgender individuals
  • Politicians
  • Singles seeking a partner

AM as an image consultant will help people to work on the outside to change beliefs on the in-side. When one make a few external changes – like how we dress, the words we use, the acts we do, the etiquettes we adopt – it creates an impression.

AM thus helps one to build positive impression. When the world views us favorably – we begin to hold ourselves in high-esteem.