Diet and Nutrition Counseling

AM is a recognized health professional with the qualifications, experience and skills to provide you with expert nutrition and dietary advice.

AM uses the latest scientific evidence to develop personalized plans to help you reach your goals. Plans are tailored to you, the individual, whatever your lifestyle. AM will provide you with expert nutrition and dietary advice on easy ways to eat healthier and achieve goals faster.

6 Week Body Transformation Diet Program by AM

Pack on lean-toned look and strip away extra fat to make massive changes to your physique in record time with this diet plan

Reasons to use this Body Transformation Diet Program:

  • It is not a measure-to-the-nearest-gram strict plan
  • No expensive supplements or pills are required
  • Customized food plan to eat the foods you enjoy
  • Complete education so you can make the right decisions for yourself
  • It’s not a starvation diet – you don’t go hungry

What you get:-

  • Younger look (Reduction in your biological age up to 5-8 yrs)
  • Lean healthy body
  • Permanent output(Won’t get off-shape like before)
  • polished Personality

Basic Nutrition Counseling

The goal of nutrition counseling is to help a person make and maintain dietary changes. The nutrition counselor and individual work together to assess current eating patterns and identify areas where change is needed.

It involves following steps:-

  1. Assessing dietary habits
  2. Assessing body weight
  3. Identifying changes needed
  4. Identifying barriers to change
  5. Setting goals
  6. Finding support
  7. Maintaining change

AM specializes in treating obesity , Diabetes, Gastro Disorders, Anaemia, Hair fall, skin problems and  other chronic lifestyle ailments