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Bharat Kalthe

By September 20, 2020 No Comments

Profession – Scientific Officer

Being in medicine industry, my job is very hectic. Sometimes it’s very difficult to handle job stress for me. In addition to that, I had built up a habit of removing all my frustrations on my family members. This habit was becoming very severe day by day .This had lead to daily arguments and quarrels at office and home. I had nearly lost all my temper. My life had become very mismanaged and very unhealthy. So finally I had consulted AM. His counselling made me understand how to prioritize the things in job and personal life, the importance of stress management, Nutrition, optimism etc.  Now my life is better and almost stress free. Later, I consulted him for diet too for getting me six-pack abs and finally I achieved it. I would like to truly thank AM for his help and support.