AM viz…Abhijit Mhatre is a celebrity Nutritionist, a Lifestyle Designer, a qualified Psychotherapist and a licensed Spiritual Teacher. AM ensures you design and create your ideal in every aspect of your life.

AM empowers people to lose weight for good through a unique Body Transform Program centered around food, fitness, focus, and foundational habits, so that they can gain the confidence to lead a happy, healthy, balanced life–without giving up their favorite foods or spending hours in the gym. With a background in Psychology, Personal Training, and Nutrition, AM help his clients understand and overcome past roadblocks while moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

AM treat those who struggle with improper Diet and  Sub-optimal fitness, psychological stress and those who lack good personality and aesthetics therefore, my treatment methods is supported by a philosophy that is scientifically accurate and endorses a positive relationship with food and other respective things. AM has the strong educational qualifications and work experience background needed for every service he caters.

AM provides clients with the knowledge, resources, and skills to successfully develop and maintain good, happy and healthy lifestyles.

Why you should consider AM to design your life?

  1. Are you looking for healthy lifestyle? AM is PhD in food & Nutrition and have certifications in many other fitness aspects.
  2. Do you have stress related issues? AM is qualified Psychotherapist & licensed Spiritual teacher.
  3. Looking for personality makeover? AM is certified image Consultant and Color & Wardrobe Consultant.

So though you need counseling regarding your career or your life, AM is optimal choice for all your queries. Apart from his education, he has tremendous experience of successful counseling more than a decade.

With over 10 years of experience, AM had created the 6 Week Body Transformation Diet Program  to help you stay engaged, motivated, and committed to creating the body and life you desire!

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Lifestyle Designing


Image Consulting

Psychotherapy & Career Counseling

Genetic Counseling

Fitness Courses

Spiritual Courses

Gym & Fitness services

AM is so motivating in all ways, not just in the way that he trained me, but helped me with my eating habits. I knew that he was only a phone call or text message away if I ever needed that bit of a push.

Vishal KapoorBollywood Fashion Designer

Thank you so much! For so long I was really having a hard time with food. I finally feel that I am recovering with your help! Thank you for caring.

Kayroze PardiwallaRehab Trainer

I try to imagine the change in me from 2 years ago. There are differences for sure. I can eat at a restaurant. I can go out for ice cream. I can move my body for pure enjoyment and not be preoccupied with burning calories. Thank you on so many levels where words can’t even begin to travel.

Shailesh ShettyRestaurant Chain Owner

AM is very delightful and has made dieting fun. AM goes beyond just overseeing my program, he has researched different areas to help improve my physical and mental health. Go AM!!!

Nektarios KyrkopoulosInternational Model

I cannot completely express my gratitude to you or tell you how lucky I am to get trained by you.

Shubhada Jagtap JadhavBusiness Woman

AM Transformation Plan was absolutely fantastic - I reached my target weight of 68kg and had a waist line 0f 29! I was spot on a healthy weight.

Yogesh PatkarDance Director

I was in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating, binge drinking, and depression. But after consulting AM, I started eating more but only healthy stuff and finally gained a new healthy life!

Gaurav AjgoankarChartered Accountant

Thanks to AM, I'm now lean, Fit and a lot Stronger. I would recommend him to anyone, at any age, who are serious about getting in shape.

Rashmi MathpalModel

My weight is creeping down, I feel good about my diet, exercise, body image, and lifestyle.

Vishesh SuriTV Production head

To be brutally honest I wasn't in a good state mentally when I was having troubles with my hair. I didn't go out at all. However, AM’s natural remedy and diet for healthy hair has allowed me to see results that I didn't think were imaginable. I started seeing reduction in my dandruff and ultimately my hair fall has stopped completely. Thank you AM for your natural remedy guidelines on hair fall.

Omkar JangamIT Engineer

My hair looks completely different now. It is much denser and thicker. I can easily see my improved front hair line, which was very thin before. Thanks AM, you made my life more easy with your scientific diet plans.

Nidhi KapoorTeacher

I would not hesitate in coming back to you for guidance or recommending you to my acquaintances. Many thanks and all the best to you. You are the best counsellor one could ever have, not only as a health counsellor, but even as a family counsellor.

Jyotsna NikumbhaJewellery Designer

AM Plan really helped me to develop a better relationship with food, I am now in control and find it easy to make healthier choices

Gopinath MhatreBusiness Man

AM is an excellent counselor. He listens to what you want from his program and he creates a suitable program to meet your needs. He is personable, professional, and a pleasure to deal with.

Manu MalikActor

In just 2 months, my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers reflected healthy numbers. Overall, I lost 20kgs and took years off my body!

Bijjal ThakkarHousewife

Amazing! My face cleared up better than ever within 3 months after the failure of using many cosmetic products. Healing with food, this philosophy of AM, I loved it. I truly started believing in it. – Ravi G

Ravi GaikwadGovernment Employee

I'd been trying to lose weight for years but nothing ever worked, until I approach AM!

Mugdha TambeCorporate Woman

I now run every week and love taking exercise and working out – being lean, light and strong in my late 40’s is very empowering. Thank you AM

Sachin KothariConstruction Builder